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I know you're lurking on my profile, Magenta. Don't you have a life? What I say is not parroting off others but by watching your actions directly. You act all high and mighty when you try to harm others. Practice what you preach about kindness.
It seems a certain someone has missed the point of my journal entirely. Due to their victim complex I doubt they'll get far in the world.
I know what I said about getting it o drama, but this needs to be addressed, this is something that bothers me, quite a bit.

To :iconmagenta-zahra:, LEAVE YOUR EX ALONE! Stop this pointless drama because YOU can't move on and let Will be!

I'm gonna be honest here: do you know why people are so negative towards you? You post nothing BUT negativity! You stalk, harass, and threaten people, yet you expect people to kiss your ass, expect people to be all buddy buddy when you treat everyone like shit. Not just Suqar, not just Will, and not just me. Even Cobalt doesn't like you, yet you try to run her name through the mud. She has a bad reputation as is, and you ARE NOT HELPING.

Your pity journals and suicide threat of the day journals get old, get annoying, and make you a piece of shit.

Do us a favor, follow through with your promise, JUST LEAVE DEVIANTART.
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Psychic Speedster
... =w= Silvic.

Jane Alt Design Concept
So my pal Mystic sent me some color ideas for James and Pit, and since she sent so many I want to use the others, so here's Jane, with the idea of the Pippi Dahlia.


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United States
The name's Dragon, or Alex, or Alecto. Either works. I love drawing and gaming. I can be sarcastic and a smartass at times, but that's kinda how I was raised. I'm always drawing, either stuff for me or my friends. I can be a little harsh, but it depends on the subject, to be honest. I generally work with extremely fantasty based art or just draw stuff from my dreams/nightmares (Tho my dreams would be nightmares to other people). music influences my art heavily sometimes, primarily classic songs. I'm also very protective of my friends, and will go apeshit on people who hurt them, given my views on people can be very ... murdery, at times. Other than that I'm normally chill. I also make it a habit of making my friends question why their friends with me because I can be a little batshit stupid sometimes. I have a condition called Motor Dyspraxia which blocks messages from my brain to the rest of my body, due to this it hurts when I write for extended periods of time but it doesn't hurt as bad now since I'm constantly drawing. I have a minor obsession with all things supernatural and enjoy being in cemeteries because I love being surrounded by the dead, I can feel energy from them. and similarly to my mother; feel small empowerment from this energy.


By the way, if you see my icon change frequently, it's because I'm testing out sprite icons I make.

Romance in Fiction Stamp by the-ocean-sings My Peeps Stamp by the-ocean-sings PRO-PIRACY by N63 Stamp: Never to old for fun by Riza-Izumi Not having kids by KittyJewelpet78 Cat Owner Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Talking by nostalgic-neophyte Slayer Stamp by IndustriousRage Another Incest Stamp by bucchigiri steal my art, eat brains STAMP by zaz14ispottermad Paint Tool Sai User  STAMP by Drayuu Gimp User  STAMP by Drayuu Photoshop User  STAMP by Drayuu Because trans people deserve respect by xHappySinnerx

Scourge Page Doll by ToastyBrain

Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test
My birthday badge

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?



Cell Shaded
Please provide a full body flat ref sheet.

Let me know what kind of background you want.
Lineless, somewhat messy. More detailed shading.

Please provide a flat color piece of the character.
Cute little pixel pagedolls. Please provide a flat color drawing of the character you want.


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