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Evil From Another World Characters
Characters for an au concept where Sonic worked for Eggman.

Sano the Hedgehog: Commander of Robotnik's armies, he is often regarded as the Blue Devil. He holds little tolerance for nonsense unless it's Amalia. The stitches on his head come from experimenting on himself, the scars on his arm come from Stone. 

Amalia Thorne: Sano's on/off girl, she's known totorture people just for fun and often uses her battle axe to murder when she's bored. Many people are out for her life but she's protected by Sano. Even though they hate each other, supposedly anyway. 

Spirit the Hedgehog: An artificial hedgehog created for unknown reasons. He doesn't speak much, and can harness the power of the Disaster Crystals into pure weapons. It's often rumored that he was the one that attempted to assassinate Robotnik. However he is trusted by Robotnik at times mainly because of Sano. He works as a hit man, and his closest ally is Stone. 

Stone the Echidna: An echidna from a dying tribe, he guards the Disaster Crystal's on his home, Demon's Isle. He knows Spirit better than anyone and often acts as the brawn while Spirit is the brains. Stone doesn't trust many people with the Crystals, just Spirit. The blades on his arms and hands act as tools for his digging or when he has to kill to protect his home. 

Mander Prolov: Head doctor to the palace of Robotnik, he's crafty and uses psychological attacks rather than physical. He rarely shows emotion, when he does he normally attacks. His four tails can be used for weapons and he has started using them to fly. He can fly faster then Tails. 

Princess Bliza the Cat: A princess trapped in another world. Bound to a monster of fire, Blizzards is able to control flames and magma at will. Similarly to Spirit, she rarely talks, as she's not comfortable around people. She's often regarded as a murderous princess, she kills anyone she thinks is a waste. She was found by Mander, the only person she feels comfortable with. She later became his mate.

Characters and art belong to me, please do not steal/sell or you will be reported.
Bah sorry I haven't been on. ;w; I don't have interwebs right now and I don't know when I'll get some.
FactJane x amy is pure underaged Cancer. 😇
Toaar is a slow retarded sonic fag

Fact: Janrice is child porn and glorifies domestic abuse. :meow:

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Wtf dA comments are fucking with me again. Can't post comments on shit anymore without it being a reply to something else.

8 Facts Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 1:01 AM

    Tagged by TeaPudding. Finally doing one of those damn tags you dragged me into. XD

So, I gotta post 8 facts about Marty;
Maurice ''Marty'' the Hedgehog .:CONCEPT:. by ToastyBrain
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.

1) Marty puts on a tough guy act mainly to protect his family
 2) His ears often flick in tune to music he listens to
3) Marty's very sensitive about how people see him and his family (particularly his wife, Toxic)
4) The logo on his shirt was custom made using an old drawing of his, the monster's name is JoJo
5) Marty tends to ramble when he gets stumped about something
6) Marty dyes his hair sometimes, since his fur gets singed messing with electronic stuff sometimes
7) He has an obsession with older cars (especially anything Camero)
8) Marty can play the laser harp and electric guitar but he doesn't do it often

Now for the poor souls I tag~
:iconsounddemon6: - Angel the Bat
:iconshadowlovley: - Annabelle
:iconnummypixels: - Joker
:iconsweaterhedgie: - Jasmine
:iconuntraceablemystic: - Yetta Dahlia
:iconplatike4ever: - Platinum
:iconloulabeiie: - Haku Kawaguchi
:icondatcrazycatcritic: - Rose Garten

Have fun. :3 I need to make more firnds for this kind of shit. XD
Stay toasty my friends~!

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The name's Dragon, or Alex, or Alecto. Either works. I love drawing and gaming. I can be sarcastic and a smartass at times, but that's kinda how I was raised. I'm always drawing, either stuff for me or my friends. I can be a little harsh, but it depends on the subject, to be honest. I generally work with extremely fantasty based art or just draw stuff from my dreams/nightmares (Tho my dreams would be nightmares to other people). music influences my art heavily sometimes, primarily classic songs. I'm also very protective of my friends, and will go apeshit on people who hurt them, given my views on people can be very ... murdery, at times. Other than that I'm normally chill. I also make it a habit of making my friends question why their friends with me because I can be a little batshit stupid sometimes. I have a condition called Motor Dyspraxia which blocks messages from my brain to the rest of my body, due to this it hurts when I write for extended periods of time but it doesn't hurt as bad now since I'm constantly drawing. I have a minor obsession with all things supernatural and enjoy being in cemeteries because I love being surrounded by the dead, I can feel energy from them. and similarly to my mother; feel small empowerment from this energy.


By the way, if you see my icon change frequently, it's because I'm testing out sprite icons I make.

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